What can you expect from our hiring process?

Be bold, learn and grow

It is good to know that 70% of managerial positions come from within internal recruitment. If you have the desire to learn more, progress, and stand out with your achievements and talents, it is more likely that you will move into higher positions. We’re grooming talented employees, and make the best out of them.

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Job Application

We advertise position in-house on our website or LinkedIn profile, and with third party recruitment companies. Email your CV and cover letter to our e-mail address. At third party recruitment website, follow their job application.

Make a great impression on the interview

Tell us about your experience, career goals, how you would contribute to our team. Feel free to ask about your job position, corporate culture, clients we represent, our goals and colleagues you will work with.

Assessment and evaluation of candidates

The HR and sector managers makes an evaluation based on your skills, experience and impressions from the interview. We will determine for which client your set of knowledge and experience is most compatible with.

Let's shake hands

We will invite you once again for the final agreement and determining the conditions of the working position.

Learn and grow together

Before starting work, it is mandatory to attend the training that will be organized for the client assigned to you. We will give you an access to the knowledge base and a basic set of skills for your new beginning.


We are aware that you are a newcomer and that you need a friend who will guide you into the company culture and the work process. At the very brush, you will be assigned a colleague from your team, a guide who will make your first months easier and more enjoyable.


Find your edge, fill your potential.

Customer Service Representative

Improve your customer support skills, learn how to sell online.

Sales Representative

Analyze data, monitor performance reports.

Call Center Supervisor

Become a leader, learn how to motivate your team.